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Muhammad Ali’s Exposition This Summer at the Bellagio, Las Vegas

Come to celebrate the life and legacy of the world’s greatest heavyweight boxer! This exposition is offering a never-before-seen look into Ali’s captivating and historic life and organized with support from Muhammad Ali Entreprises.”I am the greatest” will explore the legend’s rise from “the Louisville Lip” to “the Greatest of All Time”. This exhibition explores […]

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Inn Love With Charleston, SC August 19/22, 2017

Come and admire this unique eclipse and enjoy your nights in this wonderful Planters Inn hotel with Get Americas ! If you are next to Charleston, South Carolina the 21st of August don’t miss the opportunity to admire the solar eclipse .This is an exceptional event, it doesn’t happen since 1979. Take advantage to discover this […]

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La La Land Experience 1 Day Tour Los Angeles

Thanks to Get Americas, explore all the mythic places of the movie La La Land in one memorable day tour.  If you’re like many of us, right after watching the whimsical and wonderful La La Land, you started to scour for flights to Los Angeles like STAT. The film made the sprawling city look so […]

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