Get Americas - Specialist of the United States and the Caribbean for groups and individuals

Student groups travel

For over 10 years, Get Americas has been leading educational student tours for international and domestic student groups on excursions throughout the US & Canada.

Our epic educational encourage student interaction and foster a positive learning experience for all while integrating fun !

Get Americas provides amazing organization for student travels thanks to its presence throughout the U.S. and its professional partners in all major cities from Carribean to Canada. Accommodations, transportation, sightseeing, meals and specialty activities are carefully arranged by considering the safety, the budget and the level of interest. Every educational trip is led by a professionally Our certified tour guides lead the trips and share their passion for destinations & travel.

Designed for student groups of 10 to 400, these trips allow you to choose from different programs and destinations. You can also customize an educational tour with a special theme and design your own experience !

We are aware that each student group has unique interests, time constraints, and budget concerns. At Get Americas, our experts work closely with each of them to tailor the most educational, entertaining and budget-friendly program to meet each and every student group’s travel objectives.