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Students groups in Hawaii

There’s no place on earth like Hawaii. The fresh floral air, the tranquil warm waters and the breathtaking natural beauty are many of the benefits that a students group can enjoy in Hawaii. Famous for its beautiful, year-round weather and pristine beaches, Hawaii also has a lot of entertaining and unforgettable activities.

Hawaii is home to many unique museums, WWII historical sites/memorials, exciting attractions, island shopping and a full range of dining options. In addition, there are once in a lifetime performance options for bands, choruses and orchestras as well as amazing science opportunities.

In the true Aloha spirit, we at Get Americas invite you and your group to visit Hawaii and to find the island paradise you have always been looking for.

Honolulu Beach Paradise –  3 Days

Destinations can include : Honolulu 

Group Travel From Honolulu – 8 Days

Travel with your students to the Island State, home to archaeological sites, volcanic cones, lush marine life and World War II memorials. Discover Hawaii’s royal beginnings and Polynesian traditions with a traditional luau dinner.