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A night rich in feeling in the center of the Everglades…

A night rich in feeling in the center of the Everglades…

With Get Americas, take your courage with both hands and come to stay at the heart of famous Everglades, temple of various animals.

The Everglades, situated in the South of the Florida on 130ml of length and 50ml of wide, is this immense subtropical swamp where reigns an incredible vegetation and presence of fascinating animals and making part of the heritage of Unesco.

We find there naturally crocodiles and alligators, but also pelicans, raccoons, manatees and many others, without counting the numerous mosquitoes.

Photographer passionate about nature, Clyde Butcher withdrew in Everglades for more than 40 years ago and suggests renting a cottage or a bungalow for an outstanding stay.
Both rents offer a total comfort while being in the center of the nature, even giving the access to internet for the most connected people.

Don’t wait anymore and embark on this authentic trip which will only makes you surprised and which will brings you unforgettable memories…

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