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Special guided tour for your groups, lovers of the clandestine reading – New York

Special guided tour for your groups, lovers of the clandestine reading – New York

Get Americas has left you full of little addresses hidden all over the Big Apple … Follow the guide …

An atypical place for a special incentive…

The hidden restaurants, which live the time to offer you some ephemeral gastronomic pleasures, you already know. The secret bars, where, behind the hidden door, the virtuosos of the shaker you concoct the best nectars, you also know. But New York has more than one secret in its neighborhoods and libraries are part of it. Discreet, even invisible, they possess the most beautiful collections of works not found or rare and are an integral part of the literary heritage New York

Grolier Club, The Book Library

A select club dedicated to the book, beautiful pages and binders, their printing, their auction, the universe of the paper book in length, broad and cross.

Created in 1884, the atmosphere is cozy, intimate, a bit like an antique shop.

More than 100,000 books that speak of the book, a few pages from the Gutenberg manuscript to modern works. Collections are growing steadily. Real antiques that amateurs and collectors come to see in this unique place in the world.

The club organizes regular public events and readings.

The Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Masonic Library, The Freemasonry Library

In the heart of the largest masonic lodge in New York, more than 230 years old, this library has an impressive collection of works on Freemasonry.

60,000 volumes on the subject, its symbols, its history and the importance of great Freemasons that have marked the history. Special collections are also exhibited, which recount some of the most striking episodes in Masonic life. The showcases contain numerous artefacts, jewelery, ceramics and rituals, assembled by the Grand Masters of New York.

Conjuring Arts Research Center, The Magic Library

As its name does not indicate, the center specializes in the arts of magic such as occult phenomena, optical illusions, hypnosis, ventriloquism, mentalism, etc. It is also a meeting place for professionals of magic.

It consists of 12,000 books, artifacts and manuscripts therefore 500 that were written before the 18th century, including the great classic of Magic “The Discoverie of Witchcraft” written by Reginald Scot in 1584.

3 categories of Members are possible, depending on the number of pages you wish to consult, with in all cases, access to their periodical journal, the Gibecière.

New York Society Library, Dean of New York Libraries

It was founded in 1754, making it the oldest library in the city.

This library has 300,000 volumes and adds 4,000 new ones per year. The subjects of predilection of this unique place are the literature, the social sciences, the arts, the travel and the city of New York of course. If you are a member, you can also visit one of the 100 periodicals that the library subscribes to, as well as a huge collection of audio books and e-books, and children’s books.

Center for Fiction, A real library

Born in 1820, this library has an important place in the history of New York, at a time when the concept of public library did not exist. The historic building, erected by the famous architect Henri Otis Chapman, has 8 floors and some rooms can be rented.

More than 83,000 works exclusively dedicated to fiction, including those of the famous Marcel Proust Society.

More than a hundred conferences and public events are organized each year.

The Explorers Club, The World is in the books

A club founded in New York in 1904 that encourages scientific exploration of the sea, land, air and space by supporting research and education in all scientific subjects. The members of this club, sometimes illustrious like Theodore Roosevelt, have reported and continue to bring back from their research to the four corners of the globe testimonies, reports, scientific conclusions …

Started in 1922, it now consists of 13,000 volumes and much more of photographic archives. One room is exclusively dedicated to old maps, more than 5,000 in total.

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